gentoo linux

Coming soon: Gentoo From Scratch!


I am a Gentoo Linux fan since 2004. And just before, I used LinuxFromScratch. The jump from LFS to Gentoo seems logical since both distributions are source-based, and Gentoo has a powerful package manager called Portage.

There is a small disturbing thing when starting a Gentoo system : you need a “stage3” (but I prefer to stay at stage1), which is a small chroot base to build a Gentoo-based distribution.

This is thus a “chicken and egg” problem : to build a Gentoo system, you need a Gentoo system.

But, since Gentoo is source-based, and since  Portage is compiled from sources, what about generate a stage3 from scratch?

This is my latest “über Geek” trip, started mid-june 2010. After hours and hours to create a working base, I just managed to get a stage1 this evening. The next step is to enter into it to genererate the final stage3 and build a Gentoo system… from scratch.

I will come later with full details and explanations on how to successfully achieve this mission.

See you back soon!